To St. Peregrine to Intercede for Reconciliation and Peace

brother and friend,
disciple of Jesus, the Lord of peace,
listen kindly to our plea.

You experienced the evil
of hate and the ravages of discord:
your city was divided into factions,
families passionately sought revenge
and many lives were cut short by violence.

Through your intercession, Peregrine,
may the Lord grant us the will and means
to cultivate friendship and the desire for reconciliation;
to become heralds of the Gospel of mercy,
seekers after justice and promoters of peace.

Ask the Lord for peace and harmony
for us and for everyone:
peace in our hearts so that the seed of the Word
may produce pardon and humility;
peace in our families,
that they may live loving one another;
peace among nations
so that the noise of cannons and bombs
may be silenced and changed to songs of hope.
Thus by overcoming quarrels and contentions
we will foster respect for life,
solidarity and social progress.
St. Peregrine, faithful servant of Mary,
accept our praise and prayers.
Intercede for us,
you who live in the home of the Father,
the Son and the Holy Spirit
to whom be glory forever and ever.