To St. Peregrine for a friend who is ill

We come to you with confidence, St. Peregrine,
asking you to intercede for N.___ who is ill.

You prayed before the crucifix
and Jesus heard your prayer
and today you live in the eternal light of heaven.
Now pray that the Risen Lord
will extend His all-powerful hand
over N.___ to cure him/her of his/her illness.

St. Peregrine, faithful Servant of Mary,
intercede that Jesus will free N.___ from the suffering,
which torments him/her
and in this way show the power of His saving love.

Ask the Lord of Life to shine on N.___
so that he/she may enjoy the light of recovered health
and hasten to give thanks to Jesus, our Saviour.

Hear our prayer, St. Peregrine.
intercede for our suffering friend
as the Centurion pleaded for his servant;
as Martha and Mary pleaded
for their brother, Lazarus;
as Mary pleaded for the couple of Cana,
so that N.___ too may know the power
of your intercession for those who are suffering.

May God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit,
whose holiness shines forth in you, St. Peregrine,
receive all honour and glory forever.