Blessing of the sick

Lord Jesus,
in your incarnation
you assumed our human condition,
subject to sickness and corruption;
with your passion and resurrection
you conquered death,
you redeemed us from sin,
and brought us salvation.

We thank you, Lord,
for your gentle presence
in the life of your disciples.
From you, the crucified one,
St. Peregrine, suffering from sickness,
received new strenght
to continue his service.

We ask you:
through the intercession of St. Peregrine,
come down once more to touch and heal
our sisters and brothers who are ill. [,]
the sick present here in our gathering,
in our families, in our city, and your servants,
N.___ and N.___ who have been entrusted to our prayer.
Fill them with hope in trials
strenght in weakness,
patience in tribulation,
and peace in anxiety,
so that, being restored to health of the body
and refreshed in the spirit,
they may continue their Christian commitment,
with renewed vigour.

Grant that we may give them help and confort,
and that we may walk with faith,
as St. Peregrine did,
on the narrow road of your commandments,
singing your wonders;
you live and reign for ever and ever.