The extraordinary healing shows believers that Saint Pellegrino lives in Jesus Christ, and that Jesus Christ operates through him, his faithful disciple. The word of Jesus is fulfilled: “I am the light of the world … You are the light of the world ” (John 9,5; Matthew5,14). Through the intercession of Saint Pellegrino, the Lord is present in the Church, the heart of mankind. He often heals physical pains. His life stands as an example and helps us to better understand our burden. This is precisely what Saint Pellegrino did in his trustful and humane prayer spoken before the Crucified, on the night before the surgical operation.Faith does not allow for easy exemptions. On the contrary, it teaches us to make sense of what seems meaningless, like pain and death.

The miracles asked for upon the canonization of Saint Pellegrino took place in the town of Città di Castello, which is located in the nearby region of Umbria. Two cancer-ill were healed after invoking the Saint, as thaumaturge and heavenly protector of those affected by this terrible illness.

Sanctuaries, altars and icons of Saint Pellegrino Laziosi from Forlì are spreading all over the world. Thousands of faithful invoke healing.

In Forlì, in the Sanctuary where the body of the Saint is preserved a se vice for the ill is hold on Wedenesdays at 5.00 pm. Names of ill peoples are collected and then place near the urn. The ill who cannot attend the service or are faraway can join us by starting a large Prayer Chain:“One for All and All for One”.

The liturgical feast of Saint Pellegrino has been celebrated in Forlì by a large crowd of people on May 1 for a long time and in the presence of clerical and secular authorities. Saint Pellegrino was declared patron saint of the city of Forlì in 1942 and co-patron saint of the diocese of Forlì-Bertinoro.

All over the world the liturgical feast of Saint Pellegrino is on May 4.