To Saint Peregrine disciple of the Cross

Peregrine, brother and friend,
discipie of Christ crucified,
saint in the Church of God, hear our prayer.

You bore this disease in your own flesh and
Experienced the mystery of the Cross
And Its saving power;
Watching Jesus on the Cross
You obtained mercy and healing.

At the Cross you met
Our Lady of Sorrows;
at the Cross, the beloved disciple’s place
became your own place:
to receive the Mother,
the Master’s precious legacy, as a san,
to quench your thirst
at the water gushing
from the Saviour’s open chest;
to be a witness of
the universal forgiveness.

Ask of the Lord far us
The wisdom of the Cross;
the courage of walking behind Jesus,
walking up the mountain
where the darkness of death
turns into an Easter of light.

Receive, Saint Peregrine, our praise
And answer our plea
You who, trasfigured, live in the glory
of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit
In the splendour of the eternal Easter.