To Saint Peregrine Humble disciple of Christ

Peregrine, brother and friend,
meek servant of the Queen of Mercy,
Saint in the Church of the God,
kindly hear our prayer.

Following Christ,
mild and peaceful king,
you conquered prideful passion
by ceaseless pursuit
of evangelic meekness.

Pray God tha He will avert
thirst for revenge, furious anger,
blind and devastating resentment,
away from us.

Saint Peregrine, win for us
The meekness of Christ,
so that our thought be kind and
conciliating our words;
be tranquil our eyes, calm our gestures and
prone to mercy and forgiveness our heart;
be peaceful our intentions and
our grateful memories rest on virtue only.

Receive, Saint Peregrine, our praise
and answer our plea,
you who live in the real “Promised Land”,
glorious legacy of the Father, of the Son and
of the Holy Spirit,
to Whom be honour and glory for ever.