To St. Peregrine for a conversion of heart

brother and friend,
faithful Servant of Mary,
saint in God’s church,
listen kindly to our plea.

While you were still a young man,
you experienced the grace of conversion
from violence to meekness,
from pride to humility,
changing your hostile attitude
into a prayerful request for pardon.

Now, St. Peregrine,
implore the Lord for us,
that He may grant us the gift of a sincere
and profound conversion,
changing our hearts of stone into hearts of flesh,
so that our lives, reconciled with God,
with our sisters and brothers, and with all of creation,
may be filled with the values of the Gospel,
attentive to the urging of the Holy Spirit
and always directed toward the fulfillment
of the Kingdom.

Brother Peregrine, obtain for us
the courage to pardon
and to ask far pardon,
to proclaim the truth without triumphalism,
to defend what is right with perseverance,
to love during the struggle for justice.

St. Peregrine,
accept our plea and intercede for us.
You afe now transformed and live in the house
of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
Where God is present, for every sinner who converts
there is celebration and joy forever and ever.