To St. Peregrine for the healing of the sick

brother and friend,
faithful servant of the Mother of the Crucified,
holy in the Church of God,
listen kindly to our prayer.

You, who in sickness
were patient and strong,
help our sick brothers and sisters
to carry with humility
the cross of sickness.

You, who were miraculously healed
by the touch of the hand of the crucified Christ,
pray to the Lord for the sick,
so that their sick and weak bodies
may regain strenght and health,
and their anxious and tormented souls
may find peace, serenity and trust.

And St. Peregrine, may the obedient and fruitful word
“May your will be done, Father”
blossom on the lips of our sick brothers and sisters,
just as it did on the lips of Christ and the Virgin.

Receive, St. Peregrine, Patron of the sick,
our praise and our petition,
you who live in the light
of the Father, of the Son and of the Spirit,
to whom be glory and honour forever and ever.